School Fundraiser and School Beautification Projects

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Since 2004, Claytime has participated with local schools in Fundraiser and Beautification projects.  Claytime collaborated with several schools in the area such as: Silvergate Elementary, Kate Sessions Elementary, Bay Park Elementary, St David’s Preschool, SDSU’s Children’s Center, Doyle Elementary, newer schoools are recruiting Claytimes Services as we speak. Cross
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We offer a wide Variety of School Fundraiser and Beautification projects.
For younger grades, we work on larger pieces and assist with creating beautiful thumbprint art scenarios,
such as garden scenes, or ocean themes in which each class member participates and is represented by name on the piece.

Mosaic furniture pieces with painted tile themes are very popular for auction projects.  Each child paints an individual tile which is included in the project to become part of a beautiful, functional piece of furniture.

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School Fundraiser / Beautification Projects:

We offer a wide Variety of School Beautification projects that also work as Fundraisers for the school.

For example each leaf on the Mosaic tree is painted by a student at a suggested price of $20 or  $25 per leaf.  Claytime charges a nominal amount for handcutting, glazing and firing the leaves twice.  The rest of the money goes to the School.

Tree and Nathan tree


Room Mums please contact Caroline for your next Fundraiser project.  We are flexible, Creative and affordable.